Yes, we’re STILL waiting for an offer on the house. We thought we’d be in Peru a long time ago, and well into our Spanish language immersion by now. God has a different plan than ours – which is fine, since His plans are always better in hindsight.

In the meantime, we’ve been planning our move, packing some things up and selling or giving away others. We plan to take a trailer load cross country to deliver all of my tools to our oldest son, Daniel. He and his wife have just bought their first house, so all of the tools will be very useful. So, we thought, we’ll pull a trailer behind our old Suburban … that is, until we got the phone call.

I was at the church, when the call came from a guy I know in town. Not a close personal friend, ( he started the conversation by reminding me who he was)  just an acquaintance. After a very brief introduction, he told me that he and his wife had decided to give us their motor home. Yeah, just like that.

So we have a motor home now. I’ve repaired a few “camping comforts”, but mechanically it seems fine. Plenty of room for our shrinking family, with now only four of us.

So the house hasn’t sold. Not even close. But God is still showing us the way, and preparing us for the big change.

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