I’ve spent some time on some updates here recently, and want to point them out to any readers out there. I found and added the subscription button to the right over there. If you click the button and fill in your email, then anytime I post here you’ll get an email. The idea is that you don’t have to check for updates.

I’ve also added a few links. The main Torre Fuerte website, which is in Spanish, is first. Then there’s the TF cause on Facebook, where we currently have over 380 members and have raised a little over two thousand dollars for the home. The next link is to the TF Facebook group, which is mostly in Spanish, with current posts of photos and news from the home. Finally, there is a link to the TF youtube channel, where you’ll find videos posted from the TF ministry.

I’ve also started a blogroll, with the first addition being our son Micah’s blog. Micah is headed to Peru with Extreme Nazarene, where he’ll work at church planting for the next two years.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

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