We are looking for 100 people who would be willing to pledge $25/month to help support us in our ministry at the Torre Fuerte girls home in Arequipa, Peru. I’ll be in a no-salary position, so any help would be appreciated. ¡Gracias!

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2 thoughts on “We need your help!

  1. Pastor ..
    I think of you often and wonder how your project is moving.
    We hereby commit to being one of your $25/month supporters – and we do so with great joy. And we will give more as we can.
    We would welcome an update on GoLakeChelan.
    God Bless You and Your Family …
    Jerry, Cecilia, Jr & Willy


    1. Thanks for your support, Jerry. We’re hoping that the house shoppers come our with the warm weather. We’ve had very little activity over the winter, just a couple of walk throughs.

      As you may have seen on the blog, I had a chance to visit Torre Fuerte for a couple of weeks in January. I tried to keep everyone up on my experiences while I was there, and got a little taste of what it will be like to keep a blog once we’re there. It’s a little difficult keeping it fresh and new while we wait for a house sale.

      Once things begin to move, and we’re on our way, I plan on keeping a pretty lively blog, and sending you stories as often as I can, so you can pick and choose what you’ll use.

      Your support for us is appreciated so much,

      Scott Hargrove


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