The day started out with kids scattered all over, in the kitchen, dining hall, play room playing games outside, and on the swings and monkey bars. I played a little with the kids, a game they call “kiwi” – at least that’s how it sounds. I know I’m not in great shape, but I know some of this is the altitude – just a couple of minutes and I was sucking air, and sitting down on the sidewalk.

A moment later, several of the little girls came running to me, chattering something about Myra. They pointed, and I followed. I found little Myra under the monkey bars, lying on the safety mat there, with her eyes rolled back and barely responding. I could discern that her elbow was hurting pretty bad, and told the girls to run and get some of the other adults. By the time they came, Myra was a little more responsive, and I determined that I could pick her up and carry her to the big game room, where there are sofas to lie on. I didn’t know what to do but pray for her. It was all kind of scary, but in an hour or so she was feeling pretty good. By the time I left tonight, she was showing me her elbow and telling me she was fine.


It was shortly after this excitement, that two of the older girls approached me, obviously with something on their minds.Ursula did all the talking, as she informed me that Monica would like for me to be her “padrino”, or godfather.

I’m not sure what all that entails, except that when she turns 15 in a little over a year, I would be her sponsor/dad. I didn’t know what was involved, but what do you say to a young girl, whose parents have both died from aids, when she asks such a question? I said yes.

2 thoughts on “Downs and ups …

  1. Scott,
    Wow, I too got a lump in my throat reading your posts. It is obvious that this is what’s meant to be. What a blessing you are to these girls..and to all those who know you! As I said, you are always in my prayers and I’m behind you every step of the way! I know I’ve told you this in the past (many times probably) but again, I couldn’t be more proud to have you as my brother! I am excited to come down there myself! Let the girls know they too are in my prayers. xoxo


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