Rosa and Anais

There are two girls at Torre Fuerte who are the most mischievous. Anais and Rosa are probably in trouble a lot, but they’re also a lot of fun. Never mean or malicious, just a couple of kids always looking for a laugh. They’re both the kind of kids you’d rather not see with an egg or a bucket of water. I really do like these kids. They make me laugh. Today was such a special day with them.

As Anais asked me some questions outside the dining room, we sat on the sidewalk and began to talk. (Both of these girls, by the way, have become very helpful and patient with the language barrier) As Anais and I talked, I was aware of one of the girls lying next to me and putting her head on my lap. I didn’t even look at first, because this kind of need for closeness and affection is so common there.

We were halfway through a discussion about some English grammar, when I glanced down and realized that Rosa was curled up next to me, sound asleep.

Our conversation turned as Anais asked how long until I leave and when I would come back. She had not heard our plans. I was feeling pretty good about using past tense to describe my call, present tense to describe our current efforts, and future tense to talk about our plans to move to Arequipa. Anais even interjected at one point that my Spanish is getting much better.

But things changed in the conversation as I told Anais of our plans, and my call to help in the home, and she began to get a little emotional and I had a hard time finishing my story. So there I sat, with these two bookends, chicas traviesas, on either side of me. One was asleep with her head on my lap, and the other was getting choked up over my plans to serve in the home.   I love these kids, even the “troublemakers”, and I believe that God has great things in store for them.

Pray for Anais and Rosa. They’re good kids.

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