We took a group of the older girls out to dinner last night, to a very nice Italian restaurant. The team from Twisp, WA, a few translators, Paul Eklund, and I escorted these young ladies for this rare treat.

A few of us climbed onto the bus, a half hour late, waiting for the girls to join us. To get them moving a little faster, it was suggested the the bus start moving out. It worked. Girls came running from all over, and soon they were piling on the bus.


There are a few of these girls who have kept their distance, and I have respected that. I figured they would begin to establish a relationship when they were ready. I was pleased to find Leonor suddenly acting as if we’d been friends for years. Our group was large enough to have a room to ourselves, and two large tables. Leonor was insistent that I sit with her.

The menus were distributed, and I soon found out that Leonor had never had Italian food, and thought it was a little weird. As we went through the menu, I found her to be a pretty fussy eater. She most definitely does not like garlic, and requested dessert numerous times.

She finally asked me to pick something “rico” for her. I suggested that I pick two dishes I thought she might like, let her taste both, and pick the one she liked best. Leonor has decided that Lasagna es muy rico!! Asparagus, mushrooms, and sausage … not so much. We used the same approach for dessert, and she liked both of them.

It was such a blessing to develop this new friendship, and to be able to treat this young lady to a nice dinner. It was a fun night for all, with  lots of laughs, lots of good memories, and a new friend for me.

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