Welcome to golakechelan readers!

Yesterday, GoLakeChelan posted a comprehensive story about our journey including a link to this Blog … so we want to welcome all those who discover us via our home town on-line news friends.
Since this may be the first time that many of you may have heard of our plans .. let me summarize through links to a number of web pages that will help you know where we are going, what we will be doing, and how we are being supported etc…

First, a couple of pages from this blog: here and here
A note on Facebook
Photos of our June trip – here, here, and here
The girls’ home – Torre Fuerte
If you would like to support us in this ministry – here

And please know – as we start down this path, your feedback, emails and comments will mean a lot to us…. so we encourage you to respond here to our postings, ask us questions and let us know what we’ve overlooked to tell or explain!
God Bless … Scott and family …