Worth the wait

The Wenatchee World posted an article about us online today. Hopefully, that will generate lots  of interest and support for Torre Fuerte. Maybe it will help us with some interest in our house? We’ve posted everything we can think of about the house here.

I’m pleased to see that, while we wait for a buyer, word is getting out about the needs of Torre Fuerte. It makes all the waiting seem worth it.

One thing leads to another …

Thanks to the exposure we have received from Jerry at golakechelan, I have been contacted by the Wenatchee World, who also want to do a story. So maybe this helps us to understand why things have seemingly moved so slowly. We would have hoped to be in Peru by now, so why the wait? Maybe just this: while we “wait”, word about the needs in Peru, and especially the girls of the Torre Fuerte home, is being spread all over north central Washington. Any heightened awareness can only be helpful.

So, maybe now the pieces will begin to fall into place? Pray for us.

Welcome to golakechelan readers!

Yesterday, GoLakeChelan posted a comprehensive story about our journey including a link to this Blog … so we want to welcome all those who discover us via our home town on-line news friends.
Since this may be the first time that many of you may have heard of our plans .. let me summarize through links to a number of web pages that will help you know where we are going, what we will be doing, and how we are being supported etc…

First, a couple of pages from this blog: here and here
A note on Facebook
Photos of our June trip – here, here, and here
The girls’ home – Torre Fuerte
If you would like to support us in this ministry – here

And please know – as we start down this path, your feedback, emails and comments will mean a lot to us…. so we encourage you to respond here to our postings, ask us questions and let us know what we’ve overlooked to tell or explain!
God Bless … Scott and family …

A big thank you …

We’ve made it onto the golakechelan website again! The first time, I think, was a report on our Thanksgiving Day house fire. The second time was a report on our mission trip to Thailand.

This time, Jerry Isenhart has pulled out all the stops in order to help us with our plans to move to Peru. He has posted an article, photos, an audio interview, and lots of links. We’re hoping that this “internet billboard” will help us sell our house and our LandCruiser, as well as getting the word out about our need for financial support for this new ministry.

Take a look: golakechelan